British TV news on a snowy day

Snow? Snow!

Nick Barlow
2 min readMar 10


An image of a single snowflake against a dark background.
Look, snow! (Photo by Darius Cotoi on Unsplash)

Presenter, seated at desk: Good morning. Snow! Snow. Weather, snow?

Woman, standing at a map: Wind. Air. North. Rain. East. (Nods) Snow.

Presenter: Snow! But, snow? Woman in field!

Cut to: A woman holding a microphone standing in a field. There may be animals in the field, possibly even a farmer, but no snow.

Presenter: Woman in field! Snow?

Woman: (sad) No snow.

Presenter: No snow, but — man by road!

Cut to: A man is standing by a road on which vehicles are travelling normally. A few flakes on snow are occasionally visible in the air.

Presenter: Man by road! Snow?

Man: (Excitedly) Snow! Snow! (Serious voice) But also, snow.

Cut to: A picture of a crashed car, there is a light dusting of snow on the ground around it.

Presenter: Expert in studio — snow?

Expert: Snow. Ground. Snow. Snow. Drive. Trains. Snow. Flights! But snow. Schools.

Presenter listens carefully, possibly holding their chin in their hand.

Presenter: Wait! News! Woman in field?

Cut to: The woman in the field, now looking up to the sky and pointing.

Woman: (Excitedly) Snow! Snow!

Presenter: Thank you. Later: genocide. Now, more snow.

(Repeat until it’s time to show the next Trans: Threat or Menace? piece)

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